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Harold was an alien, discovered on our planet almost 40 years ago. For all this time he was kept underground, always wanting to get out, but he was told he couldn't because he was a "monster" and people would be scared. Today is the day that he finally escaped and fled into a nearby city. Realizing that his ship is broken and he cannot leave this planet, he decides to get revenge on the government who locked him up by destroying as much as possible before he is inevitably killed. Your job is to control Harold and help him get revenge by destroying the tanks and helicopters sent to kill him.

Good Luck!


  • Fly around and destroy as many things as possible
  • Tank=2 points
  • Helicopter=3 points
  • Bombs and bullets can damage tanks
  • Only bullets can damage helicopters
  • Enemy bullets and helicopter blades can damage player


  • WASD controls for up, left, right
  • S to drop a bomb
  • Mouse controls in-game cursor
  • Space bar to teleport to cursor
  • Q to shoot bullets towards cursor


Ludum Dare 33 - Harold The Monster.exe 1 MB