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You are a guy. You have a sword. You have enemies. Who needs a good story? Just kill everything!

Run around and kill things with a sword and reach the end of each area. Pretty Simple, but you have an energy resource. Everything you do, running, attacking, rolling, or whatever, costs energy. This energy is very easy to get back by toggling on recharge mode. In recharge mode, you slowly gain energy, however, you cannot attack and have a slow movement speed so try not to run out of energy in the middle of a fight!


Moving - WASD

Attack - Left Mouse

Roll - Right mouse

Recharge Mode - Spacebar


Moving - Left Stick

Attack - A

Roll - B

Recharge Mode - X

You can change the colour scheme of the game whenever by simply pressing 'C' on a keyboard or Y on a controller.

There are collectible hats in the game which can be purchased with in-game currency which you get from killing things.


Toque - Faster energy regeneration.

Baseball Cap - No longer slowed in regeneration mode.

Cowboy Hat - Do more damage.

Warrior Helmet - Take less damage.

Chrono Hat - Enemies move slower and you regenerate energy a bit faster.

Unfortunately, I was not able to add microtransactions to buy hats... I know you all would have loved it and spent half your life savings only to lose them 3 seconds later ;)

Fast Mode!

Just in case the game wasn't hard enough for you, you have the option to play the game at 2x the speed!


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